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mayo 21st, 2012

Design Your Stairs By : Tiffaney Rahoche
When you have a staircase inside your house, then you possibly have an unoccupied area underneath it that has to be filled. When you’re uncertain on what to do with the unoccupied area, you might be fascinated by the details thereafter. Putting some designs underneath the stairs may have so many benefits to give.Lots of homes built during the past would fill that empty space with a closet but currently, so much can be made out of it.
27 Views Succeed With These 5 Important On-page SEO Tips By : David Hoffman
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is a collection of techniques to help your website rank better for certain search terms. Below are 5 tips to help you optimize your website and have the best chance of succeeding online.
27 Views Just About Anyone Can Swim With Dolphins: It Is Great! By : Linda Coven
Have you always wanted to take a swim with dolphins? For many taking a swim with these intelligent mammals is something they dream about but never actually pursue. Now with all the resorts open on the coasts, taking a swim with dolphins has never been more realistic and affordable.
27 Views What Makes A Good Playhouse? By : Lisa Anderson.
As loving parents, you always think of your children’s happiness. You desire everything for them; even things that can make them jump for joy like play sets. You realize that these things help in shaping their personality. Children’s play sets are recommended when compared to most toys on the market.
27 Views Lucid Dreaming – Is It Worth Trying? By : Jamie Barry
Lucid dreaming is also often referred to as conscious dreaming, in that one can often exercise a certain degree of control over the dream, unlike with regular dreaming. Basically, lucid dreaming is all about the art of dreaming while at the same time being aware of the fact that it’s a dream, even while you’re a busy dreaming.
26 Views Wedding Bands For Budget Conscious By : Greg Pierce
Once you get married, there is only one thing that you will always be wearing – it’s your wedding band. Whether you had a lavish destination wedding or a simple ceremony in a community chapel, those bands are going to the ultimate reminders of that special day in your lives when you vowed to spend together forever.
26 Views Make Money With Paid Surveys – Making Money Easily By : Diana Watson
Lots of people today are looking for other means to earn additional money as the growing price of almost all basic necessities are steadily going up. For those who have no clue as how or when to start your search why not just consider the opportunity of Survey Company. People these days are enjoying the benefit of paid surveys due to the need of the companies for an accurate opinion and market research.
25 Views Business Solutions For New York By : Toby Jones
Whether you are organizing materials for a company meeting or printing up special invitations to a quiet luncheon, a full-service New York printing company generally is a huge advantage. To get the most from the company, though, you must make sure they really provide all the services you may need.
25 Views What Makes A Tire An Agricultural Tire? By : Jamie Hillvert
We all know that a standard tire is the o ring shaped piece of rubber we place on cars, planes, ATV’s and other moving things, but what makes a tire an agricultural tractor tire? The agricultural tractor tires are any tire that is used for the use of a tractor or any other piece of farming equipment like a harvester.
25 Views Information About Swimming With Dolphins By : Jane Goodwall
Want to go on a great family vacation that they will never forget? Go swimming with dolphins! In almost all of the borders hottest tourist destinations you can sign up to snorkel and swim with these personality filled mammals. Places like the Florida Keys, Cancun, Mayan Rivera, Disney Resorts, and Cozumel Vallarta!

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mayo 21st, 2012

The Retractible Hardtop Ferrari By : Charles Granere
Ferrari can do many things other car companies cannot, including building a machine that links past with present and that tries, however successfully, to be the fastest car to the market and back. The Ferrari California, premiering in 2008, takes its name from a 50-year-old classic while introducing some modern-day developments. It’s the first Ferrari to sport a retractable hardtop, to rock a dual-clutch 7-speed transmission, and the first to wield a front-engine V8. A dual-clutch 7-speed transmission, for those seamless gear changes. And as a result of this transmission it presents at least one last: The last Ferrari to offer a manual gearbox. Anyway who wants to deal with complaints from the backseat?
42 Views Tractor Tire Shopping Advice For You By : William Henshall.
Whether you are searching for new or used tractor tires for sale you understand how hard it can be to find quality tires. Not only can it take a while to find them locally but also find them within your budget as well.
40 Views A Guide To Buying A Sleeping Bag By : Mark Walters
There are a variety of sleeping bags on the market. The type that you choose should be dependent on the climate where it will be used and your own personal preferences. Purchasing a sleeping bag is similar to buying a new mattress – you should consider the size, shape, type of fabric, and amount of free space provided. As for the influence of the weather, if it is dry and warm you may only need a fleece bag or “bed-roll”, whereas colder climates dictate the need for a warm, insulated bag.
39 Views Dubai Hotel – View From The Top By : Tony Smith
It’s not often you meet someone at the very pinnacle of their profession, someone who effortlessly inspires and compels others to strive for perfection and realise greater goals. But Amadeo Zarzosa, general manager at Dubai’s Atlantis, The Palm (on of the biggest Dubai hotels), is just that person.
36 Views Make It Special With Creative Wedding Gifts By : Greg Pierce
“People, ideally, get married only once thus, it’s just right for us to make the most out of it. This will be the day that the couple will be saying their vows to each other in front of the people who matter to them most. Therefore, we, as friends, should partake in the process of making that special day even more memorable. What better way to do this than giving the couple a special gift?
33 Views Scared Straight!: Review Of The Movie By : Diamond Andrioci
Scared Straight! is a short film that was made in the year 1978 by Arnold Shapiro. The narration in movie was done by Peter Falk. The documentary is basically a thriller and is based on the subject of a group of juvenile teenagers who choose to become criminals by profession. At the beginning of the movie, this group of boys is all interviewed, in which they show their contempt for the law and the government and express their desire to become actual criminals. They share their personal experiences of how they steal, molest and drink all the time, which is quite a sad scene to watch. The entire movie was shot at the Rahway State Prison.
33 Views Increasing Learning Analytics Curve With Serious Games Learning Materials By : Jamison Findley
Games are really getting its popularity to reach higher each day. When you check it out over the net these days, you would find out that there are lots of online games which you can choose from like flash based or the RPG ones. But these are nothing which can really be considered as serious games since it would just offer entertainment.
33 Views Classes Of Glass Tiles By : Greg Pierce
“During the early BC, this was originally used as mosaic. Glass tiles were created and developed far after the clay tiles are made. Combination of size, color, and shape, glass tiles happen to be one of the most innovative works during 8,000 BC. It is commonly made from Persia, India, and Greece for which then had been developed.
32 Views Follow Steps To Find A Person By : Julia T Torres
Are you looking for a person? for a friend? or to your relatives? You can choose different ways on how you can find them.
31 Views Base Your Nursery Theme On A Toddler Fire Truck Bed Or Race Car Bed By : Alison Graham.
Is it time your little boy was moving out of his crib or cot and moving into his first proper bed? If this is the case, you may also be thinking about changing the decor in the nursery bedroom to one that is better suited to a growing toddler.
29 Views Heat Shrink Tubing Guide By : William Mikasa
If you have a certain project that requires you work with electrical wiring, then you might want to know more about heat shrink tubing. It is essentially when a series of wires are bundled together or insulated for purposes or protection. The outside protective insulation is them heated to close in around the wires, making sure that no harm comes to them for any reason at all. This method is also commonly used to repair wires or protect them from abrasion. You can also use this method to create entry seals for the cables to go into.
29 Views Long Live Green Teas By : Tena Bonwell
Mainly because of the recent studies indicating its several health benefits, lots and lots of people are joining the club of healthy green tea drinkers from all over the world. Many individuals are fascinated of how healthy this herbal option is and why is it becoming very popular in modern America. These two points are critical among wise consumers actually. To fully admire any product,it is actually important to recognize its roots and how did it evolved to where it is today.

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mayo 21st, 2012

77 Views Helpful Information About Grommet Top Curtains By : John Takakimu.
A great way to upgrade and improve the look of any room in your home is to add grommet top curtains. These long drapes or curtains have circular holes at the top of the curtains with either plastic or metal inserts that then cause your drapes to pleat.
72 Views An Introduction To Lawn Tractor Tires By : Bill Crawski
Even if you are buying lawn tractor tires, it is still important to get ones that you can count on. This means examining a number of things relating to the tire itself, including the tread, the size, and model. You will need the tires you get to be compatible with the tractor that you have.
69 Views Fundamentals Of SEO Solutions – Valuing On Page More Than Off Page By : Greg Pierce.
“An online business will succeed if the website is content-rich. Its design, functionality, and high-quality content are essential to present potential customers with pertinent, detailed information about your business, as well as its products and services. The truth is, your website is truly essential to the success of your business. But a website won’t be enough because you need your customers to visit your site. The ‘build it and they will come’ concept doesn’t always work in the world of Internet Marketing. You will need a strategy known as Website Search Engine Optimization so that you can drive customers to your site, thus, the chances for increasing sales become higher. Others simply refer to this as SEO.
67 Views Looking Back To Memories Of Antique Tractor Tires By : Jenny Loopson
We are presently enjoying the use of rubber tires for tractors in the farm. But did you know that before the invention of these rubber tires, tractors have metal tires. The antique tires are made of welded circular metal with lugged corners or edges. It was in those early periods that tractors with metal wheels are used in the agricultural industry and indeed it was a great help to the farmers in plowing their farm lands. Nevertheless, the metal-wheeled tractors cannot be considered as perfect aid to the farmers. It has also negative effect to the farm land and the products of the farmers. The metal tires of the tractor damages the roots of the crops and is not compatible for use in public roads.
64 Views Where You Can Find Cheap Zetor Tractor Parts Through The Internet By : Chang Minwee
Zetor Tractor Company offers several models of tractors that suit for agriculture and other purposes. The look of their tractors attracts everyone, as it is small and compact in size. Apart from the aesthetic looks, performance and reliability of their tractors made it most popular among Americans and around the world in short period of time. Buying any type of their tractors is quite easy where as buying some specific parts for a Zetor tractor is quite difficult.
63 Views Why You Need To Find The Lowest Tractor Tire Prices Online By : Darby McLanson
Owning a farm and all of the equipment can be a bit of a challenge from time to time. When you run into trouble with your tractor tires, it might be time to shop for a few replacements. Look here in order to get a hold of the best tractor tire prices!
63 Views Logo Embroidered Apparel Of Today By : Simon Johnson
Logo embroidered apparel is the first choice of every big company that wants to advertise a new product. Anything outwear we use during the day can be used as promotional product and can feature your logo and brand name in order to achieve public display.
60 Views A Short Guide To Copper Repiping By : Takahiro Mizuho
If you are considering copper repiping it is mostly likely because you discovered a rust spot that could turn into a leak, or already have a leak in one of your pipes. Homes over 25 years old have pipes coated with zinc, which overtime can corrode and breakdown and eventually cause your pipes to rust and leak.
60 Views Moving To Paris, The “City Of Love” By : Paolo Matzi.
Paris is the most touristic and hot places in France. For tourists who want to visit the best sites and museums, try the best French food and cuisines this is a place to be. Many people think about moving to Paris and starting a new life, but this is a hard decision. Finding the way to transport all your furniture is the next step. You have to find professional and reliable company you can trust to.
55 Views Some Advice About Gravely Tractor Parts By : Billy Takanika
For anyone with Gravely tractor parts that they currently don’t use anymore, the option of selling them can be a great way to make some extra money. Not only is it the best way to get rid of parts that aren’t necessary anymore, you can also use this method to gain some extra cash for your own use. You may want to consider some of these options to help you sell your parts as soon as possible.
54 Views Exploring Public Transport – France, Germany By : Paolo Matzi
Germany and France have both invested heavily in their public transportation infrastructures because they receive millions of visitors on business and pleasure travel each year. Driving in Europe in general can be expensive, so public transport France Germany offers an economic alternative for both visitor and local alike. After learning the system, the trolleys, buses and railways of France and Germany can get people where they wish to go.
51 Views Finding Great Online Journalism Degrees By : Harley Davids
Many people are looking for career changes these days. If you’re one of them, and you should know that there have been lots of changes that can simplify this. For example, those who want to write for a living can do this. Earning online journalism degrees can change your life for the better, without hurting you in the meanwhile. That means that you can continue working to pay your bills, and still study.
46 Views Learn More About Kubota Tractor Tires By : Nancy Smithsen
Kubota has been spitting out quality products for the industrial field since the late 1800’s when they started in Osaka, Japan. Americans were finally able to purchase their own Kubota tractor tires and parts from Gainesville, Georgia in 1988 when the first Kubota shop set up.
45 Views Fundamentals Of SEO Solutions – Valuing On Page More Than Off Page By : Greg Pierce
“An online business will succeed if the website is content-rich. Its design, functionality, and high-quality content are essential to present potential customers with pertinent, detailed information about your business, as well as its products and services. The truth is, your website is truly essential to the success of your business. But a website won’t be enough because you need your customers to visit your site. The ‘build it and they will come’ concept doesn’t always work in the world of Internet Marketing. You will need a strategy known as Website Search Engine Optimization so that you can drive customers to your site, thus, the chances for increasing sales become higher. Others simply refer to this as SEO.

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mayo 21st, 2012

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186 Views Bad Credit Checking Accounts By : Courtney Dessert
You could be having trouble getting a checking account because of your bad credit. A bad credit checking account is going to be for the people who have a bad credit history. That bad credit history can either be with Chex Systems, or it could be through the traditional credit reporting industries. Each bank will have a different method or policy when checking a person’s background when going through checking account applications. Some will check the Chexsystems List, and other banks will check a persons credit report.
149 Views Fast Repairs With Satoh Tractor Parts By : Takeshi Smith
The Satoh tractor was originally manufactured by the Satoh Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Company, Ltd. Of Japan. This company was founded in 1914 and, in 1980, merged with the Mitsubishi Machinery Co., Ltd. This company now provides Satoh tractor parts.
112 Views Corporate Logo Polo Shirts Your New Advertising Tool By : Simon Johnson
Corporate logo polo shirts are the number one tool for advertising your business. Indeed there are numerous ways and reasons that corporate logo polo shirts can help you promote your business in a simple way.
105 Views A Guide On How To Find Really Cheap Iseki Tractor Parts By : Jimmy Choon
Agricultural lands are always quite a great distance from the main city. It becomes very difficult for the farmers to get the agricultural tools immediately if anything gets damaged. Same goes with the tractor parts. For farmers, to take out time from their hectic schedule is very difficult. They have to remove a whole day out go to the city in search of the tractor showrooms. Although they do so much there is no guarantee to get the same parts of the tractor for which they must be hunting around.
87 Views Workout Your Muscles With Used Tractor Tires By : John Lawkson
Even though most people seek out used tractor tires for their farming or lawn care equipment, you can actually utilize them for exercise as well. Using used tractor tires can help you get in shape and increase your stamina.
86 Views Shop Around For Belarus Tractor Parts And Find Good Deals By : William Henshall
Lots of people seem to be satisfied when they use Belarus Tractor Parts as it is a wonderful experience to use them. There has always been an uncertainty when it comes to tractor parts as to when you will have to urgently replace them as they are damaged. Because of these problems of tractor parts and replacing them, we have decided to give you some tips which will help you in crisis situations.

How To Identify Fake Torrents & Avoid Downloading Them [How-To Tips]

mayo 21st, 2011

How To Identify Fake Torrents & Avoid Downloading Them [How-To Tips]

Fake torrents are not only a nuisance they are also a security risk. Not only are they wastage of bandwidth and time but most fake torrents are malware. They either contain viruses or sometimes ask you to download a video player that will record what you do on your computer. Here’s some safety measures you might use to safeguard your system from fake torrents.


Whenever you are about to download a torrent always make it a point to check the comments. Find additional details by googling the info hash for all your downloads.Google search results for the info hash with titles like “Full Downloads”, “Fulldls”, etc. should be avoided as they are mostly fake.

Check the trackers by doing a Google for it, if they don’t show up they are fake. Moreover, trackers with an abnormally large number of seeders or leechers are mostly fake.

Block Bad connections by making it a point to use some protection (like Peerblock) whenever you are downloading.

Look at the extension of the file you’re going to download. Never download a WMA or WMV video files as they are almost always fake and will link to a website to download some codec or player which either costs money or is a malware, spyware or even a Virus .

Never install or use any of the Torrent Clients mentioned. We recommend using uTorrent.


Do not download special players from the torrents you download if they request so. The following players are malwares, never try to install them:

AbcCodec , AccessKeyGenerator , AccessMediaDownload , AccessMediaSetup
BitGrabber , BitRoll , BlackCodec , CityCodec
Emcodec , eMedia Codec , EndCodec , GalaPlayer , GameCodec , Go Media Decoder
HeroCodec , Hificodec , HQ Codec
iCodecPack , IMCodec , IntCodec , iMediaCodec , ivideocodec , IxCodec
Qvee Player
X3 Player/Codec
ZipCodec , Zcodec , ZLOB Show

Look at the file size. If a file is excessively small than other same files it’s fake. Like a full length movie of 3mb is definitely fake.

Do not use the following scam or phishing sites:

DownloadTo.com (Hosts domplayer)
Spam site-help.com

Also, always scan all downloads, fake or not with your antivirus.

Follow the above steps and your computer will be safe from fake torrents, plus will save some bandwidth too!
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Are You A Blog Stats Addict?

marzo 21st, 2011

Are You A Blog Stats Addict?

Blog stats are important. They help you keep a track of your blog – about the readership and traffic. But sometimes bloggers become so attached to blog stats that every 5th minute they check their blog readers and traffic summaries. This is called Blog Stats Addiction.

Blog Stats Addiction isn’t any patented disease but yeah it harms you. It finishes your productivity line. Your time management is disturbed. Just think, about a every time period, you are checking your blog stats, looking for who visited, from where and which browser they used etc. Those information are good but come on, checking them multiple times a day isn’t gonna make a difference.
What’s Blog Stats

Blog Stats is anything which shows changes about a unit for your blog. Usually it is your traffic, RSS subscribers count, Email subscribers count, Google Adsense income, Alexa rank or Compete rank.
Symptoms of Blog Stats Addiction

Check for the points below and answer them with yes or no. Two ‘yes’ and you have stats addiction in you.

Do you have accounts on multiple site stats services like Google Analytics, Sitemeter, Alexa and Get Clicky?
Is Google Analytics, Google Adsense or some other services saved in your browser’s speed dial?
Does those graphs and histograms please you? You feel very relaxed and cozy with them?

Blog Stats Addiction Crushes Your Productivity

A blog stats addict is busy checking his blog statistics and not utilizing that every second is something productive. If he finds there is a decrease in traffic, he falls and blogging enthusiasm is altered by himself. Same happens if his best post doesn’t get instant traffic or comments.

Blog stats addict screws his time. An average addict wastes an hour of this day checking his blog stats, traffic, income, ranks and everything else. That time could have been utilized in expanding your blog. Or else, for giving yourself a break, for making some coffee and take in fresh air.

The very practical solution is stop opening those sites daily. Leave something for the surprise, checking your stats weekly is good, at least it adds a bigger smile on your face when you see the figures increasing. Stop depending upon figures and start taking action. Take hold and write a blog post, now! (And don’t forget to link this article in it, haha!)
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Promote Your Twitter Page: Page Design

febrero 21st, 2011

Promote Your Twitter Page: Page Design

There are multi thousand profiles on Twitter for people to follow. And to promote your profile you have make it look unique. Here I am starting this series posts of tips to promote your Twitter page to gain maximum audience.

With the first in the series, the first step in promoting your Twitter page is having a good design of your page.
Good Background Image

Twitter allows you to setup a custom background image. Make a custom background image for your Twitter profile page which defines you, tells the visitor why he should follow you and even more, doesn’t allow him to leave your page without having a look at your tweets.

The resolution of your custom background image should be 1600×1200 pixels. It will make it compatible with every screen resolution of the visitor. Pick images and vectors good enough to describe your niche. Text should be clearly visible on your profile.

Some important things you should mention in your background are what you tweet, target followers, and a good photo/logo of yours, and URL to your blog or website.
Matching Color Combination

Twitter also allows you to choose text color, link color and border colors etc. Change it according to your profile background color scheme. It will add a professional touch to your page and it will look more good.

Text color, I will prefer something dark, usually black. And link color should also match with your text color, might be some color lighter than the text color otherwise it won’t look good. Border color I will prefer same as your sidebar color.
Tile Background

There is an option to tile your background image. This option won’t let your background image to fly up when the page scrolled below. 😉 I suggest you to tick this option if your background isn’t too long.

Hope you find these tips useful. Do subscribe to Word Tweeting because more tips coming on Promote Your Twitter Page series.
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Tweet Through SMS In India

diciembre 4th, 2010

Tweet Through SMS In India

Though Bharti Airtel has tied up with Twitter and introduced message tweeting on their network, people on other networks in India can also tweet through SMS.

SMStweet is this new service which allows you to tweet through SMS messaging from your cellphone. It is a real relieve for people who don’t have internet connection available everytime they want to tweet. With GPRS costs very high to use Twitter Mobile often and only Bharti Airtel offer Twitter service over mobile with a premium charge to use it, SMStweet will be what you need most.

SMS Tweeting from any Indian Mobile Network

Using SMStweet is very easy, it uses Twitter API to tweet to your account. Go to the site, authorize the site from Twitter to have access over your account. Then enter the cellphone number from which you will be tweeting to your account when prompted for it right after authorization from Twitter. A confirmation message will be sent to your number. Done! Start tweeting by composing a SMS from your cellphone, write ‘TWEET’ followed by a space and then your tweet message, and then send it to 09220092200/+919220092200.Standard messaging charges will apply, but when you have almost every indian mobile network offering message packs to send local-national messages for free it is hardly a worry.

I have personally tested SMStweet and found it really effective to use. And it nowhere written that this service is limited to Indians, so if you are not from India and can afford sending an International message from your cellphone then give it a try 😉 .

SMStweet | @mayanks (the guy who made this service)
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Skype For Android: Make Skype Calls Over 3G On Phone

noviembre 28th, 2010

Skype For Android: Make Skype Calls Over 3G On Phone

After the release of Disqus app, here is another sweet news for the Skype users who have got an Android device – Skype has officially released an application for Android which allows you to access Skype over 3G or Wi-Fi on your Android device.


The Skype app for Android allows the user to make Skype to Skype calls, message with Skype friends and even call other phones internationally using Skype Credits. The data support is accessible through both 3G and Wi-Fi. A better mobile internet speed is preferred to use this app for voice conversations.

The application can also sync with your contacts and gives an option to directly make a Skype call from the phonebook.

The Skype app is reported to be compatible with all HTC and Motorola Android phones but some issues have been seen in Samsung phones, specially the Galaxy S. Skype and Samsung team are working together to solve known issues as soon as possible.

You can download the Skype Android App from the Android Market by searching for “Skype” or simply use your Android browser to visit skype.com/m .
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WordPress SEO Tip: Invite Robots To Your Blog Content

noviembre 21st, 2010

WordPress SEO Tip: Invite Robots To Your Blog Content

You write good content but it is indexed late by Google? Or is Google enlisting unwanted pages from your blog and not the content you want? It is because the robots aren’t happy with you.

Even if Google is crawling your content, it usually recognizes it as either duplicate or less priority. You have to control what the robots are seeing and how to make it easy for them to find your content.

You have an option to edit your robots.txt manually to mention what to crawl and what to not. But WordPress users are a step ahead and easy. There’s a plugin called Meta Robots. It makes the work easier. It actually let’s you add meta robot tags to the WordPress pages.

It makes easier to define whether you want the robots to follow and index a post or page. From within the Edit page, you can choose what you want – index, follow; index, nofollow; noindex, follow; noindex, nofollow. It also let’s you edit you robots.txt and .htcaccess page from within the WordPress, and newbies, it has a setup system for them too.
Robots Settings For Best SEO

There are some standard settings which I prefer you to follow with the Meta Robots plugin.

Firstly, for every upcoming posts on your blog, always choose to index, follow. For announcement posts or posts related to a certain date, use index, nofollow.

Prevent these pages to be indexed by the robots:

WordPress Login/Register page
WordPress Admin pages
Date Archive pages

Also, add nofollow to these followings:

Category listing on single posts
Outbound links from the homepage
Login or registration links

Get the Meta Robots plugin and follow these steps to get the best from search engine robots and crawlers. Do share your tips and questions!
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