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I’m seriously not a quick master of internet tips and social media productivity. At times you know more than me and want to share it? Here’s an opportunity.

Guest Blogging

This blog wordtweeting.com is now open for guest blogging. We now welcome all sorts of rants and your stuff on technology, internet and productivity. If you got something to share, why keep it reserved. Write for Word Tweeting!

Why Guest Blog?

I will keep it simple. Word Tweeting is growing. You won’t get hard cash but two simple things for yourself.

Lifetime link on this blog – Your post on Word Tweeting will be permanent, and so will be the backlink to your blog in it. We let you have a good three personal links in a blog post you write for us. #WIN
Readership and free traffic – Word Tweeting is a rapidly growing blog with a strength of more than 500 RSS readers. You get disclosure to our readership mainly consisting of probloggers, marketers and common Google users.


The blog post you write should be original and not copied from some other site. You see, I hate DMCA lawsuits for content theft.
Whatever you write, should be exclusive to Word Tweeting only. You should not produce the same or a similar blog post on some other site. It’’s bad karma.
It has to be related to the internet, tips, social media, advertising, productivity or any of the topics listed in the our website.

How to Star?

Write your blog post (do avoid grammar mistakes, otherwise we’ll have to check them)
Email it to us
Done, 3 step process, actually just two!

Now as soon as I’ll receive your guest post, it will be reviewed by fellow writers and then will be scheduled for publish as soon as possible. I guarantee your post to be live on Word Tweeting within 24 hours of approval. So why wait? Participate in Word Tweeting guest blogging heist and get yourself some love!

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