Solutions to Common Blogging Mistakes You Make

Solutions to Common Blogging Mistakes You Make

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When I started blogging, I made many mistakes and got frustrated with it. I saw many people who were putting less effort than me and doing much better than me. Then I started observing what is the difference in their blogging and mine. I came to know about many things. I would like to talk about few Mistakes and how they can be taken care of.

Not Updating Your Blog Regularly

If you go with the definition of a blog, it is a type of website which shows the content in chronological order, which means, the least post on the top with a time stamp. Then why do you keep your blog away from a new post for days? You should add fresh piece of content on a regular basis for your readers.

If you feel that you have written all the great content in your Niche and there is nothing left, you can the write short posts talking about your Best old posts. This will make new readers to read your old post and they will feel that your blog is still live.
Creating too many blogs at the same time

People feel if one blog makes them $100 then 10 blogs are going to to multiply their income (100×10=$1000). But this isn’t remotely true. Because when you work on 10 blogs, your effort and time will be divided into 10. It would take you 10 months to achieve what you can achieve in just one month.

I have got many friends who work on just one blog, make a good living from it and are able to balance their life pretty well. While others are just doing the labor of writing everyday and night.
Spending too much time on Designing and Coding

I am not into designing and coding, So it takes me hours to just do a tweak in my blog theme. I have to admin that I have spent so much time doing the designing and coding all by myself. It took all my free time and I was not able to focus on the content which resulted in my blog not getting the desired exposure.

Then one day I decided to hire a Designer and asked him to give me a nice design. meanwhile I was working on the content. He took a week to design my blog and I used that whole one week to create content as I did not have to worry about the Designing part of my site.
Not trying to Make Money outside the Blog.

Bloggers usually follow only one or two methods on monetization and they forget to leverage their online business experience. Few months ago, I wrote an eBook and distributed it for free on the blog and submitted it here and there., I made good money from that eBook (thanks to the affiliate products I recommended in the eBook). Bloggers who are serious about their blogging and consider it as a business. they need become more than a blogger.

Well, this is not it, there are so many other things which should be kept in mind. The best thing is to keep experimenting about trying different methods.

Social Media
Web 2.0
Gadgets / Cell Phones

Blogging Blunders Which I Made And How You Should Avoid Them

I may was a pro-blogger but when I started Word Tweeting, I made several mistakes which didn’t make Word Tweeting a big success. I shorted out the four biggest blunders and sharing it with you, for you can get some brains from it.

Posting Frequency

I damned this. Word Tweeting is almost 6 months old and it has only 39 blog posts, including this one. That is around 6 blog posts every month. Is it bad? Yes, it is very bad. For a successful blog, one should post at least 20 blog posts every month. This engages the one time visitor into a returning reader. Displaying date in the post helps it too.
Not Interacting With The Blog Community

Look into most blog’s archives of 2007, and you will find my regular interaction on entries. I even endured a good reputation among fellow bloggers. But, after starting Word Tweeting, I didn’t interact with the blog community much. It must be only 5-6 comments I made to other blogs which I read in this 6 months.

Is it bad? Yes.

Interacting with the blog community helps you make an identity for yourself. Bloggers need to know you. They need to get where you blog and about what you write. Commenting on other blogs, participating in interactions on forums, Twitter, e-mails with fellow bloggers help you make a reputation. But commenting doesn’t mean spamming that blog with “Good Post” titles. You need to interact.
Not Gave My Blog The “Required” Time

You can call “studies” my excuse for this but one the big blunders I made was not giving the “required” time to my blog. That resulted in both, les posts, no interactions, etc. Remember I wrote a post back about Blog Priority? You blog don’t ask for your time to do useless things like theme tweaks, widgets switches etc. I asks you to, write, which I sadly didn’t.

Got Diverted With Niche

The biggest mistake – I flickered with my niche. Word Tweeting was started as a blog on WordPress and Social Media. But I later added Gadgets to it. After that, Advertising and Productivity. I got confused with what to write. Is that a big problem? Oh yeah!

You need to keep the tech blog reserved to tech, a money-making blog to making money and auto blog to cars & bikes. Your readers gonna run away if you start posting about cars on your tech blog. You need to be reserved to your blog niche – you may add sub categories, but they need to be related to your niche, completely.

Those were my most favorite blogging mistakes I made on Word Tweeting. Did you made any? Of course you did, share it!
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