iPhone 4 Launch In India Soon?

iPhone 4 Launch In India Soon?

Airtel MicroSIM Card Spotted – Can This Mean An iPhone 4 Launch In India Soon?

Now this is interesting! FoneArena has bring forth some exclusive pictures of the MicroSIM card of Bharti Airtel, India’s largest telecom network. An inquiry to local Airtel dealers mentioned it to be available all over India latest by mid October. These cards are typed as H2 by Airtel and should be 3G supported SIMs.

Now as no MicroSIM supported phones has been launched in India yet, this shows some sign of a scoop – that the Apple iPhone 4 is coming to India soon. It is speculated that Airtel will launch iPhone 4 in India by October, no official news about it though.

We can anyway confirm that the time has come. But on price factor everyone is silent. If Airtel launched iPhone 3GS for Rs. 35,500 in India early this year, the iPhone 4 should cost around Rs. 40,000. Hopes high, for a lower price!

What you think? Is it the plan for iPhone 4 launch that Airtel has brought forward these MicroSIM cards, or can this be a mere market step or some new standards adaptation.

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