Another Instant Search, This Time For Facebook – Facebook Instant

Another Instant Search, This Time For Facebook – Facebook Instant

After the launch of very Google Instant, there has been a buzz about this whole “instant” search phenomenon. After Google, a Stanford student adopted the idea and mafr a YouTube Instant search and got hired by Google for a similar project.

Now there’s another try from Syrian developer Nour Syron to create, this time, an instant search for Facebook – the Facebook Instant.
Facebook Instant Search

Facebook Instant Search

Now this Facebook Instant is quite interesting, much more than the Google and Youtube instant searches. Why? Because it’s for Facebook. Some of the features of Facebook Instant Search are:

It’s instant, obvious, so as you type the results appear
It can search pages, posts and events
All the three results are shown in columns on a very single part making things less complex
You can search public timelines for posts, events, pages etc.
After logging in, you can search your own and your friend’s streams, including comments too

The tool is done very nicely, kudos to the 20 years old. Because of the lack of extensive search option in Facebook, this tool is surely going to do big.

Try out the Facebook Instant now!
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