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How To Identify Fake Torrents & Avoid Downloading Them [How-To Tips]

sábado, mayo 21st, 2011

How To Identify Fake Torrents & Avoid Downloading Them [How-To Tips]

Fake torrents are not only a nuisance they are also a security risk. Not only are they wastage of bandwidth and time but most fake torrents are malware. They either contain viruses or sometimes ask you to download a video player that will record what you do on your computer. Here’s some safety measures you might use to safeguard your system from fake torrents.


Whenever you are about to download a torrent always make it a point to check the comments. Find additional details by googling the info hash for all your downloads.Google search results for the info hash with titles like “Full Downloads”, “Fulldls”, etc. should be avoided as they are mostly fake.

Check the trackers by doing a Google for it, if they don’t show up they are fake. Moreover, trackers with an abnormally large number of seeders or leechers are mostly fake.

Block Bad connections by making it a point to use some protection (like Peerblock) whenever you are downloading.

Look at the extension of the file you’re going to download. Never download a WMA or WMV video files as they are almost always fake and will link to a website to download some codec or player which either costs money or is a malware, spyware or even a Virus .

Never install or use any of the Torrent Clients mentioned. We recommend using uTorrent.


Do not download special players from the torrents you download if they request so. The following players are malwares, never try to install them:

AbcCodec , AccessKeyGenerator , AccessMediaDownload , AccessMediaSetup
BitGrabber , BitRoll , BlackCodec , CityCodec
Emcodec , eMedia Codec , EndCodec , GalaPlayer , GameCodec , Go Media Decoder
HeroCodec , Hificodec , HQ Codec
iCodecPack , IMCodec , IntCodec , iMediaCodec , ivideocodec , IxCodec
Qvee Player
X3 Player/Codec
ZipCodec , Zcodec , ZLOB Show

Look at the file size. If a file is excessively small than other same files it’s fake. Like a full length movie of 3mb is definitely fake.

Do not use the following scam or phishing sites: (Hosts domplayer)

Also, always scan all downloads, fake or not with your antivirus.

Follow the above steps and your computer will be safe from fake torrents, plus will save some bandwidth too!
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