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Are You A Blog Stats Addict?

lunes, marzo 21st, 2011

Are You A Blog Stats Addict?

Blog stats are important. They help you keep a track of your blog – about the readership and traffic. But sometimes bloggers become so attached to blog stats that every 5th minute they check their blog readers and traffic summaries. This is called Blog Stats Addiction.

Blog Stats Addiction isn’t any patented disease but yeah it harms you. It finishes your productivity line. Your time management is disturbed. Just think, about a every time period, you are checking your blog stats, looking for who visited, from where and which browser they used etc. Those information are good but come on, checking them multiple times a day isn’t gonna make a difference.
What’s Blog Stats

Blog Stats is anything which shows changes about a unit for your blog. Usually it is your traffic, RSS subscribers count, Email subscribers count, Google Adsense income, Alexa rank or Compete rank.
Symptoms of Blog Stats Addiction

Check for the points below and answer them with yes or no. Two ‘yes’ and you have stats addiction in you.

Do you have accounts on multiple site stats services like Google Analytics, Sitemeter, Alexa and Get Clicky?
Is Google Analytics, Google Adsense or some other services saved in your browser’s speed dial?
Does those graphs and histograms please you? You feel very relaxed and cozy with them?

Blog Stats Addiction Crushes Your Productivity

A blog stats addict is busy checking his blog statistics and not utilizing that every second is something productive. If he finds there is a decrease in traffic, he falls and blogging enthusiasm is altered by himself. Same happens if his best post doesn’t get instant traffic or comments.

Blog stats addict screws his time. An average addict wastes an hour of this day checking his blog stats, traffic, income, ranks and everything else. That time could have been utilized in expanding your blog. Or else, for giving yourself a break, for making some coffee and take in fresh air.

The very practical solution is stop opening those sites daily. Leave something for the surprise, checking your stats weekly is good, at least it adds a bigger smile on your face when you see the figures increasing. Stop depending upon figures and start taking action. Take hold and write a blog post, now! (And don’t forget to link this article in it, haha!)
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