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Why You Should Not Waste Time About Digg

miércoles, julio 21st, 2010

Why You Should Not Waste Time About Digg – The Front Page Jargon

Every blogger dreams to hit his blog post on to the front page of the Digg. It’s a big, big source of traffic. You get like, 2000 unique visitors least if you hit the Digg front page.

But I see it different. It is totally useless to waste your time struggling to get on the Digg front page. I see many bloggers mailing, tweeting fellows for digging their post. Believe me, it isn’t going to make any difference to your readership.

Why you should care about Digg?

It is because getting on the front page is very hard. If your blog post is not that “worth”, you won’t get more than 10-20 diggs which isn’t enough for the front page. Make it simple, don’t digg your content yourself, wait until someone really finds it worth and send it to Digg. That way, it works better. Let the content be the king.

Similar Content

Submitting content is okay, but Digg gets thousands of such stories everyday. I mean how can you expect your blog post on details of iPhone 4 launch hit the front page when there are giants like Techcrunch, Mashable etc. This way, your content needs to be very “unique”.

Digg Algorithm

Sometimes I see bloggers success in getting their submits enough digg, somewhere around a 100 but still don’t hit the front page when the front page post has only 70-80 diggs. It is because of the Digg algorithm. It can’t be cracked! If you try, you gonna get banned or die trying.

You Need Readers, Not Visitors

Let’s take it that you made it to the front page of Digg, finally! And your post got a whopping 5000 unique visitors in a day. But did that help? That traffic isn’t constant. You need returning visitors who are constant and loyal. You also need subscribers – RSS, Email, Twitter, any medium. Statistics says only 10% of the total visitors from Digg return, and 3% subscribe to your blog. Again, a fail!

You still need traffic? I suggest trying something else, like other comparatively smaller bookmarking sites. I highly recommend Blog Engage. Go ahead, experiment and gain readers, not visitors.

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