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The Google Story In Two Minutes

domingo, diciembre 21st, 2008

The Google Story In Two Minutes

While stumbling on Twitter, I found a link to this very cool video on YouTube. It is an animated video on the Google story.. It has everything from 1995 when Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford to the recent 2009 launch of Chrome OS and Wave sensation. And the amazing part, it is just a 2 minute video.

It missed out important moments like the launch of Nexus One, the Google phone but as this video was made in 2009, it can be understood.

For RSS / Email readers who can’t see the video – see it on YouTube.
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Check What Was Your First Tweet On Twitter

Posted by Rishi on January 2, 2010 in Tools, Twitter · View Comments

We tweet daily, almost anything we come in mind with. But do you remember your first ever tweet which you posted on Twitter?

TwitterStorm is an online tool which let’s you know your first ever tweet you posted on Twitter. As Twitter has archive limit of 3200, it can be hard to see your first ever tweet. But TwitterStorm using API calls, gets it for you. It is very easy to use also, just visit, enter your Twitter username is the big box there and hit the submit button. It will get your first tweet on Twitter. Now what I found missing in this tool is that it doesn’t show the timestamp of the tweet, no date or time.

My first ever tweet on Twitter was “Hi!”, very stupid I know! What was your’s?

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