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Nexus Two is Comming

jueves, agosto 5th, 2010

A month back when Google CEO Eric Schmidt said in an interview, that Google will not going into hardware anymore and would concentrate on Android and Chrome OS development. It led to a big news that Nexus One will be the first and last cellphone from Google. But how far can that be acceptable?

I don’t believe the much talked about news. I see a Google Nexus “Two” coming soon, maybe in 2011. Why I think so? Reasons.

Eat shit, if you say Nexus One was not a success. The only phone which made possible for Android to replace iPhone from top smart phone shares was Nexus One. It was closest a cellphone can get to defeat iShit iPhone, and it almost did. Trend setter for 1GHz processors in cellphones, Nexus One still sells like cats & dogs.

Not much-needed to explain, the name itself. Nexus One. Promises itself, that a Two has to be lining up.

Remember when Google talked about a Nexus with slashed down configuration for third world countries, or similar. Still a lot to talk about it but that shows Google was working on hardware plans, unlikely what Schmidt said that they pre-planned that Nexus One would be first and the last.

I see an importance for Google to do a Nexus One, too. Why? iPhone 4. Apple was a main competition for Nexus One, and when iPhone 4 is bring all those features under an aluminium box, Google have to work on something to keep its name. And a Gingerbread itself won’t do, something to run it is also expected. Maybe a Dual Core 1 GHz Snap Dragon? Or a 2 Gigs instead? 😉
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Why You Should Not Waste Time About Digg

miércoles, julio 21st, 2010

Why You Should Not Waste Time About Digg – The Front Page Jargon

Every blogger dreams to hit his blog post on to the front page of the Digg. It’s a big, big source of traffic. You get like, 2000 unique visitors least if you hit the Digg front page.

But I see it different. It is totally useless to waste your time struggling to get on the Digg front page. I see many bloggers mailing, tweeting fellows for digging their post. Believe me, it isn’t going to make any difference to your readership.

Why you should care about Digg?

It is because getting on the front page is very hard. If your blog post is not that “worth”, you won’t get more than 10-20 diggs which isn’t enough for the front page. Make it simple, don’t digg your content yourself, wait until someone really finds it worth and send it to Digg. That way, it works better. Let the content be the king.

Similar Content

Submitting content is okay, but Digg gets thousands of such stories everyday. I mean how can you expect your blog post on details of iPhone 4 launch hit the front page when there are giants like Techcrunch, Mashable etc. This way, your content needs to be very “unique”.

Digg Algorithm

Sometimes I see bloggers success in getting their submits enough digg, somewhere around a 100 but still don’t hit the front page when the front page post has only 70-80 diggs. It is because of the Digg algorithm. It can’t be cracked! If you try, you gonna get banned or die trying.

You Need Readers, Not Visitors

Let’s take it that you made it to the front page of Digg, finally! And your post got a whopping 5000 unique visitors in a day. But did that help? That traffic isn’t constant. You need returning visitors who are constant and loyal. You also need subscribers – RSS, Email, Twitter, any medium. Statistics says only 10% of the total visitors from Digg return, and 3% subscribe to your blog. Again, a fail!

You still need traffic? I suggest trying something else, like other comparatively smaller bookmarking sites. I highly recommend Blog Engage. Go ahead, experiment and gain readers, not visitors.

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Word Tweeking

viernes, mayo 21st, 2010

The number of mobile internet usage has increased dramatically. Many people like me prefer mobile devices as a source of daily information and news through apps and mobile interfaces. With this change, the local news media is evolving to the mobile era. Less newspaper and paper magazines to apps and social mobile interfaces. This is how its going. You can find iPad apps of […]
Simple Steps for SEO Content Writing


Guest post by Timothy Arends. Your main aim as a content writer is to create a written piece that is original, easy to understand, interesting and to the point. Therefore, writing good content involves a fair amount of thought, research and editing. Your goal is to please your site visitor (or client, if you’re writing for someone else) by providing the information that he or […]
The Current State of Social Networks #INFOGRAPHIC

by Rishi on April 14, 2011

The social network we had in 2007 and the one we have now has seen a major change. Sharing buttons came into existence in this period. The people at Ignite Social Media has come up with an infographic to define the current state of social networks. Which social network is full of rich people? Where are all the women? Answer to every similar question is […]
LinkedIn Releases New Social Plugins

by Rishi on April 11, 2011

The social network for professionals and business opportunists, LinkedIn, last week rolled out their new Developer Platform which allows developers to use LinkedIn APIs to be used in javascript and make the web even more social with LinkedIn. After all the work, LinkedIn has finally released the new plugins for blogs and websites. These plugins are a bunch of javascript codes which let your website […]
Angry Birds Rio Releases On Palm WebOS

by Rishi on April 9, 2011

Angry Birds Rio is the most happening mobile game ever. A step ahead to the original Angry Birds, Rio’s success can be defined with the example that a movie is being released on it. Woah! After being released for Android and iOS, the Angry Birds Rio has now been released for Palm webOS too. Some good news for the Palm users. With the plot where […]
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Quora is the new Q&A social platform on the web largely popular for its simple and easy design. People love to answer questions and ask them too at Quora. I am not a very active user of Quora but do love the idea of a social Q&A. The people at KissMetrics have worked on an infographic to share every fact you’d like to know about […]
Registration Opens for Google Code Jam 2011

by Rishi on April 7, 2011

If you are a kick ass programmer, this is a contest you don’t want to miss. The Code Jam, which is an international programming contest hosted by Google, has opened its registration window. The bait is the $10,000 prize money for the winner! Registrations has started and the 24 hours qualification rounds will start from 6th May 2011. The successive online rounds are scheduled for […]
Imagine A World Without Google [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Rishi on April 7, 2011

From what I remember, Google was the first website I ever visited. Today, I use a Google’s Android phone, Chrome for web surfing and almost all Google web apps like Gmail, Calendar etc. daily! Google is the biggest success story we know in revolutionizing the internet. It all started in 1995 when two Stanford grads Larry Page and Sergey Brin met each other and in […]

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HTC Legend Announced In India

martes, mayo 11th, 2010

HTC Legend Announced In India

in Gadgets / Cell Phones, Reviews

HTC’s long awaited Android phone HTC Legend has finally been released in India with Airtel and other leading service providers. HTC Legend is the successor for the very successful HTC Hero. It sports the very curvy looks of Hero and adds up to more sleek and body color.

HTC Legend Features & Specifications

Android Éclair 2.1 OS
600MHz Qualcomm processor
3.2-inch OLED HVGA Capacitive touchscreen
Sense UI
5 Mega Pixel Auto Focus Camera with LED Flash
512 MB ROM
384 MB RAM
Inbuilt A-GPS
Connectivity via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G
Optical Joystick

With so much you’re getting, you can expect a high price. But HTC this time has tried to get it nearer to the normal class customers. With Bharti Airtel, HTC Legend is launched all over India with a price tag of Rs. 25,990 only. Now that’s a great price to own a fully equipped Android!
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The Google Story In Two Minutes

domingo, diciembre 21st, 2008

The Google Story In Two Minutes

While stumbling on Twitter, I found a link to this very cool video on YouTube. It is an animated video on the Google story.. It has everything from 1995 when Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford to the recent 2009 launch of Chrome OS and Wave sensation. And the amazing part, it is just a 2 minute video.

It missed out important moments like the launch of Nexus One, the Google phone but as this video was made in 2009, it can be understood.

For RSS / Email readers who can’t see the video – see it on YouTube.
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Check What Was Your First Tweet On Twitter

Posted by Rishi on January 2, 2010 in Tools, Twitter · View Comments

We tweet daily, almost anything we come in mind with. But do you remember your first ever tweet which you posted on Twitter?

TwitterStorm is an online tool which let’s you know your first ever tweet you posted on Twitter. As Twitter has archive limit of 3200, it can be hard to see your first ever tweet. But TwitterStorm using API calls, gets it for you. It is very easy to use also, just visit, enter your Twitter username is the big box there and hit the submit button. It will get your first tweet on Twitter. Now what I found missing in this tool is that it doesn’t show the timestamp of the tweet, no date or time.

My first ever tweet on Twitter was “Hi!”, very stupid I know! What was your’s?

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Integrating Twitter And Flickr

viernes, febrero 6th, 0201

Integrating Twitter And Flickr

Twitter and Flickr are two most widely used social sharing tools. Flickr is really good for sharing photos and Twitter for anything. When Twitter and Flickr is integrated you get maximum productivity for photo sharing. Here I’ve listed some web tools which help you integrate Twitter and Flickr.


Flickr2Twitter is the official Flickr service which allows you to link your Twitter account with your Flickr and then you can tweet any photo on Flickr (yours, or others) by simply clicking the ‘Blog This’ button and selecting the Twitter account on which you want to tweet the photo link.

SnapTweet is another similar web tool which allows you to tweet your Flickr photos on Twitter. But the amazing feature of SnapTweet which I liked is that it can auto-post tweets whenever you upload new photos your Flickr. You can even track photo tags with SnapTweet. Whenever a new photo is uploaded on Flickr with that tag, it will tweet the photo to your Twitter account.

TwitPickr is one my favorite Twitter tools. TwitPickr allows you to upload your tweeted TwitPic photos to your Flickr. Isn’t that cool? If you tweeted some new photos from your cellphone Twitter client which uploaded the photo to TwitPic, it can be used to import all those TwitPic images to your Flickr album.

If you know any other tools which help you connecting Flickr and Twitter, do share it with us by commenting.
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